Peter Capalbo is the Executive Chef of Fresh Food Catering and one of the managing partners of the business. Peter brings a deep understanding of classic Italian and French dishes with a specialty in fresh seafood, culminating in over 40 years of culinary experience.

Peter graduated from the Culinary Institute of America in New York thirty years ago and is formerly of the Union Grill and was the manager, operator and chef of Tryst in Beverly, where he was also the owner.

As a result of his continuous drive to source delicious and fresh ingredients to everything he makes, Peter has garnered a pristine reputation for exquisite culinary dinners and events throughout the North Shore.

Peter resides in Hamilton with his daughter, Mary Ella. When not cooking brunch at the Wenham Tea House, you can find him fishing for Striped bass off the waters of Beverly or listening to rock and roll on his porch over a fine cigar.

Fresh Food Catering